E-book "Speeding Up Healing And Relieving Pain With Energy Therapy"

Hey everybody, be sure to check out my short e-book about healing that I just published over at vitalitycentral.blogspot.com if you get a chance. It's a quick read and packed with some great info!

"Magnets are magnifiers of the universal electric energy already existing around us. A magnet is said to be anything whose parts align in the same direction for the orderly flow of energy through. Hans Christian Oersted showed us energy in motion carries with it a magnetic field, and James Clerk Maxwell proved that electric current and magnetism are different forms of the same phenomenon called “electromagnetism”. Every power generator has magnets working at its core. Running current through an iron bar will make it magnetic because the electricity organizes the orientation of the iron atoms into a polar alignment. Magnets produce electric current, and electric current produces magnets!

It should come as no great surprise that electromagnetic fields work with and govern living systems. Electromagnetism is the force that controls the universe, from atomic bonding, to planetary orbits, to the means by which the body’s trillions of cells communicate and grow.