"Tonight's gonna be a good night," say 172 University of Quebec students

For the purpose of excercising what may possibly be the underused facial muscles that give form to the smile.

Destroying viruses with a little dose of micro-current electricity

In 1990 at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, researchers discovered that by conducting a small amount of electricity through a sample of human blood, the outer protein layer of any disease-causing bacteria, virus, or microbe within the blood was destroyed. Dr. Robert Beck, physicist and inventor/patent holder of the camera flash bulb, discovered that this groundbreaking medical information had been deliberately suppressed and spent the rest of his life standing up for this miraculous break through in the healing field. He even went on to design a small, cheap, and portable blood electrification device, and has disclosed data on AIDS patients completely recovering in a short amount of time by pulsing a tiny amount of micro amperes into the blood stream.

XTC - "Making Plans for Nigel"

The field nature of the universe

Fascinating information about invisible unifying forces. Ever wondered how an embryo is formed from essentially nothing? Or why amputees experience the "phantom limb" effect? This presentation sheds light on issues such as these, and even goes to the macro scale of the planetary and stellar fields existing in the solar system. A must see.

Beautiful magnet powered motion

There could be something in the concept of the following video related to energy generation. Simply put, motion is energy, and if magnets can assist in sustaining motion, why could this not be executed on a much larger scale for ultra effecient energy production?