The Walter Russell periodic spiral of the elements, with different octaves of matter

Usually you see the periodic table of the elements as a square grid chart, with the elements of matter listed in ascending order. A little bit of a different and more in-depth take on it is the late great polymath visionary Walter Russell's periodic 'table', which is actually a spiral (or vortex), and is an awe-inducing display of the ordered beauty of creation. Russell's model predicts that there are elements beyond hydrogen in the less-mass direction not yet detected by scientists! These unknown ultra low mass elements could very well make up more than we know, to include the 'ether'..

The little pear tree that could

If you decide to plant fruit trees, you should not only think of them as a beautifying amendment to your landscape that will feed you and your family, but also think of it like you are planting little pharmacies of nature (or "farm-acies", hehe, get it?) where the medicine is free! Fruit is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and tons of healing phytochemicals. Unlike the chalky rock vitamins sold commercially, the vitamins in fruit and plants are said to have a higher "bio-availability", or they are more easily assimilated into the body.  And it's not just the fruity flesh, but even the bark of certain fruit trees (at certain times of the year) is known to have miraculous healing capacities. The seeds of apples, apricots, and many other fruits contain anti-cancer properties because of a phytochemical known as "laetrile", or "vitamin B 17".  And the better the soil quality, the better the taste and more potent the "farm-acy".

The pears are almost ripe!

Unfortunately, the trunk has been damaged at the base so severely that just one side of it is supporting the entire pear tree. Even the structural core has been mostly eviscerated, yet year after year it stands strong and produces an abundant yield of fruit. Really goes to show how resilient and tough a tree can be!

I think that I shall never see, a tree that has grown into the shape of a Z

That is until I saw this. Quite an extraordinary tree that has grown in a most peculiar manner..

The "Z Tree" in Richmond, Virginia

Famous quotes - Walt Whitman

"After all, the great lesson is that no special natural sights, not Alps, Niagara, Yosemite or anything else, is more grand or more beautiful than the ordinary sunrise and sunset, earth and sky, the common trees and grass."
        -Walt Whitman

Famous quotes - New energy researcher Jason Verbelli

"Everything in the universe is in a constant state of motion.
Give me an example of one thing that isn't already in a perpetual state of motion

- Jason Verbelli

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The Room Main Theme (8 bit tribute)

Dear Tommy Wiseau, can we get a prequel pah-leeeeez?

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